Live your exclusive night

Friday 26 May 2017 at the Regional Center of Trapani and Marsala for the Cultural Sites Archaeological Park of Lilibeo - Agostino Pepoli Museum of Trapani, will be a show of elegance and glamor of Italian and international haute couture, the Exclusive Night fashion will be on show.

Live your exclusive night

Friday, May 26th, 2017 at the Agostino Pepoli Museum in Trapani, will show the elegance and glamor in the selection of Italian and international haute couture brands along with the new proposals, here's the Exclusive Night fashion show.

The event will present an elegant selection of the Spring Summer 2017 Collection. The Exclusive Night is organized by the historic company Map Prestigiacomo Mode which has now become the personal shopper for those who want to dress in fashion.

But the future passes from the web and Map offers you its prestigious and elegant online boutique and if your desire for fashion follows you even on vacation you can find the Map world in the only boutique hotel in Western Sicily, the Map Hotel.

The event is an institutional activity promoted by the Regional Center of Trapani and Marsala for the Cultural Sites Archaeological Park of Lilibeo - Museo Agostino Pepoli, in collaboration with two partners of excellence the Porsche Catania Center, official Porsche dealership and the Sicilian reference point for the world of Porsche and the historical and exclusive Palumbo & Gigante jewelry, based in the Sicilian capital, Palermo.

The 2017 edition of the Exclusive Night has one of the most evocative settings of Western Sicily, the most evocative place in the Trapani area, the Agostino Pepoli Museum, a precious treasure trove of culture and art, home to the most important collection of corollaia art in the world. Trapani with works ranging from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century.

The guests will be able to witness the union between refined salons, ancient corals and Renaissance majolica with Italian and international haute couture.

The concept of the event is in fact to merge the correlated worlds of art, history, the automobile and haute couture, creating the extreme synthesis of luxury, sliding the lace and silks of the Spring Summer 2017 collection with the marble floors of the museum. Not only the silver and corals of the Agostino Pepoli museum will sparkle, because to complete the story will be the magnificent jewels of the historic and elegant Palumbo & Gigante jewelery.

To materialize this dream, the Blumarine brand could not be missing, the Italian brand inspired by roses, magical and sensual flowers, which symbolically embody the ideal of femininity of the brand, from which comes the nickname "the Queen of Roses".

To make this journey between culture, art and fashion many professionals and brands have been involved, not just in the fashion industry.

The guests, as the name Exclusive Night let us understand, will be highly selected and will participate professionals and prominent figures of high fashion and not only, but everyone can follow the event live online and backstage. Follow the online event with us, in our social pages and you will experience this unique all-round experience, live the history of the brands, the events of the models and the organizers and you will be the most awaited guest of the Exclusive Night fashion show.

Live the emotion of a unique backstory show, live your Exclusive Night.