Panorama of Italy lands in Trapani

Runing from 23 November 2016 to 27 November 2016. Five days of initiatives with politicians, intellectuals and protagonists of the TV jet set, from Vittorio Sgarbi to Pif, from Filippo La Mantia to Stefano Zecchi and GioSada.

Panorama of Italy lands in Trapani

The tenth and final stage of the Panorama of Italy tour for 2016. In Trapani it is already hunting for places to take part during the meetings promoted by Panorama with the tour to discover the best of Italy seen closely.



  • 8.30 - Confindustria Trapani (via Mafalda di Savoia 26) - "Panorama, careers and work". In collaboration with HRCommunity Academy
  • 16.00 - Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Casa Panorama d'Italia - "Trapani: a trip to the secret city". Meeting of the participants and inauguration of the stage with the Mayor Vito Damiano
  • 16.30 - San Rocco Museum - "Danilo dei miracoli: look at me and you will understand", Giorgio Mulè (director of Panorama) interviews Danilo Ferrari
  • 18.00 - Torre di Ligny - Win The Bank Conference: "How a company can succeed in being funded by banks"


  • 9.30 - Palazzo Platamone, home of the Pegasus Telematic University - "Italy starts from Trapani"
    Modera: Giorgio Mulè (Director of Panorama)
    Guests: Domenico Arcuri (to Invitalia), Antonio D'Alì (senator), Tommaso Dragotto (founder and CEO of Sicily by Car), Maria Cristina Farioli (director of Industries & Business Development, IBM Italy), Giuseppe Pace (president of Trapani Trade)
  • 11.30 - Palazzo Platamone, home of the Pegaso Telematic University - "Startup: innovating and renewing"
    Modera: Barbara Carfagna (journalist tg1)
    Greeting by Riccardo Arena (president of the Order of Journalists of Sicily)
    Guests: Nicola Colabella (vice president of Banca Don Rizzo), Danilo Iervolino (president of the Telematic University Pegaso), Luigi Mazza (general director of the Italian Camp), Giuseppe Ravasi (manager of cloud ecosystem development, IBM Italy).
  • Case-histories: Domenico Garlisi (In.sight), Federico Papa (Ludwig), Marcella Russo (Agrobiotech)
  • 15.00 - Palazzo Milo - Teva Convention: "Generic drug, between prejudices and opportunities"
    Modera: Mikol Belluzzi (Panorama journalist)
    Guests: Salvatore Butti (Director of Generics Business Unit of Teva Italia); Patrizia Diana (professor of pharmacology at the University of Palermo), Baldassarre Gucciardi (Councilor for Health, Sicily Region), Orazio Mistretta (vice president Simg Trapani), Francesca Moccia (deputy secretary general Cittadinanzattiva), Luca Pasina (head of pharmacotherapy unit, Istituto Mario Negri di Milano), Giovanni Polimeri (pharmacist director of the Regional Center of Medicinal Surveillance of Messina), Roberto Tobia (president of Federfarma Sicilia)
  • 18.00 - San Rocco Museum - Author meeting - Antonio Carnevale (Panorama journalist) interview with Stefano Zecchi, author of the book "Paradiso Occidente" (Mondadori)


  • 10.00 - Palazzo d'Alì - Ex Council Hall - "Trapani, how to become an excellent"
    Modera: Giorgio Mulè (Director of Panorama)
    Guests: Gregorio Bongiorno (President of Confindustria Trapani), Antonello Cracolici (Councilor for Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fisheries, Region of Sicily), Carmelo Culcasi (bussnessman Saline Culcasi), Vito Damiano (Mayor of Trapani), Paolo Giacalone (,bussnessman Rosso di Mazara), Benedetto Renda ( Cantine Pellegrino).
  • 13.00 - Center for Nuara Gastronomic Culture: Cook Sicily - Show cooking by chef Filippo La Mantia, following food experience. During the "Il Melograno" tasting event
  • 18.00 Chiesa di Sant'Alberto - The great meetings on the Focus: "Climate, environment and energy: the wind, resource and danger"
    Moderator: Jacopo Loredan (Director of Focus)
    Guests: Ilaria Baneschi Carica (researcher in environmental geochemistry and paleoclimatology at IGG-CNR, Pisa headquarters), Giancarlo Morandi (president of the National Consortium for Collection and Recycling), Paolo Capizzi (Lieutenant Colonel of the Italian Air Force)
  • 21.00 - Chiesa di Sant'Alberto - Meeting with Music: Gianni Poglio (Panorama journalist) interview Giò Sada, winner of X Factor 2015. Following acoustic live


  • 10.00 - Chiesa di Sant'Alberto - The great meetings of Focus: "A walk in space".
    Moderator: Jacopo Loredan (Director of Focus)
    Guests: Umberto Guidoni (astronaut) and Barbara Negri (responsible for the exploration and observation of the universe of the Italian Space Agency - ASI).
  • 15.00 Palazzo Milo (Conference Hall). Talk Show, Alfonso Signorini (director of Chi) interviews Stefano Bettarini, Antonella Mosetti and Asia Nuccetelli.
  • 18.30 - Palazzo d'Alì - Sala Ex Consiglio - Debate: "Referendum for a yes or a no, comparison between Renato Schifani (Forza Italia) and Davide Faraone (PD)".
  • 21.00 - Meeting at the Cinema - Church of Sant'Agostino - Piera Detassis (director of Ciak), interview Pif


  • 17.00 - Church of the Jesuit College - "The hidden treasures of Trapani": lesson by Vittorio Sgarbi